Local Government Offices & National Agencies
Department/Office Dept. Heads/Chiefs of Offices/
Tel. No. Local FLOOR Email Address
Emergency Services
Operator 8-643-1111 0
Emergency Hotline 8-643-0000
Mayor's Office Hon.Victor Ma. Regis N. Sotto 8-643-1111 1801 8th
Chief of Staff Mr. Ernie Al O. Edralin 1813 8th
Administrator's Office Atty. Jeronimo U. Manzanero 8-643-1111 1811 8th
Executive Assistant 1812 8th
Office of the Vice Mayor Hon. Robert Vincent Jude B. Jaworski Jr. 8-643-1111 1741 7th
Sangguniang Panlungsod Secretariat Ms. Loida U. Villanueva 8-643-1111 1712 7th
Office of Councilor Rustia Hon. Raymund Francis S. Rustia 8-643-1111 1742 7th
Office of Councilor Tantoco Hon. Simon Gerard R. Tantonco 8-643-1111 1743 7th
Office of Councilor Santiago Hon. Paul Roman C. Santiago 8-643-1111 1744 7th
Office of Councilor Delos Santos Hon. Mark Gil M. Delos Santos 8-643-1111 1745 7th
Office of Councilor Gonzales Hon. Roderick Mario U. Gonzales 8-643-1111 1746 7th
Office of Councilor Balderrama Hon. Regino S. Balderrama 8-643-1111 1747 7th
Office of Councilor De Leon Hon. Maria Luisa M. De Leon 8-643-1111 1748 7th
Office of Councilor Raymundo Hon. Corazon M. Raymundo 8-643-1111 1749 7th
Office of Councilor Asilo-Gupilan Hon. Syvel Asilo-Gupilan 8-643-1111 1740 7th
Office of Councilor Agustin Hon. Noel L.Agustin 8-643-1111 1751 7th
Office of Councilor Cruz Hon. Quin A. Cruz 8-643-1111 1752 7th
Office of Councilor Martires Hon. Marion Rosalio M. Martires 8-643-1111 1753 7th
Office of Councilor Enriquez Hon. Rigor J. Enriquez 8-643-1111 1762 7th
Accounting Office Ms. Juvy A. Cuenco 8-643-1111 1331 3rd
Staff 8-643-1107 1332 3rd
Budget Office (CBO) Ms. Martinelli A. Santiago 8-640-9700 1821 8th
Human Resource & Dev't. Office (HRDO) Ms. Elvira R. Flores 4th
Appointment Section Ms. Minerva V. Rosa 8-643-1111 1413 4th
Claims & Benefits Division Ms. Ma. Luisa N. Buenafe 8-643-1111 1413 4th
Payroll Division Mr. Robert Henry H. Flores 8-643-1111 1414 4th
Records Division Ms. Haidee V. Santos 8-643-1111 1411 4th
City Legal (LEGAL) Atty. Josephine C. Lati Bagaoisan 1841 8th
Planning & Dev't. Office (CPDO) EnP. Pricella B. Mejillano 8-643-1111 1611 6th
City Treasurer's Office (CTO) Ms. Marita A. Calaje 8-643-8198 1242 2nd
Treasury Cheque Section 1241 2nd
Internal Audit Service Unit (IAS) Ms. Alicia E. Cruz-Barazon 8-643-1111 1861 8th
Office of General Services (OGS) Ms. Ruth F. Romano 8-643-1111 1422 4th
Public Information Office (PIO) Ms. Maria Krisna Parrera-Juangco 8-642-3409 1621 6th
Community Relation and Information Office (CRIO) Mr. Cecile S. Blas 8-643-1111 1851 8th
Management Information Systems Office (MISO) Mr. John Carlo F. Fatallo 3rd
Technical Support Mr. Cecilio V. Demano 8-643-1111 1312 3rd
System Implementer Section Ms. Aleli Dela Cruz 8-643-1111 1315 3rd
MIS ID-Section Ms. Angelica Delas Alas 8-643-1111 1318 3rd
Assessor's Office (ASSESSOR) Mr. Robert D. Mina 8-643-1111 1321 3rd
Procurement Management Office Atty. Ponce Miguel Lopez 8-643-1111 1461 4th
RPT Cash Ma. Christina De Leon 8-643-1111 1231 2nd
RPT Billing & Collection Emelita R. Bischoco 8-643-1111 1233 2nd
RPT Monitoring Unit Rex C. Operio 8-643-1111 1234/1235 2nd
RPT Record Unit Cecilia D. Rivera 8-643-1111 1235/1234 2nd
Tax Clearance/Transfer Tax Unit Mark Russel Santos/Jericho Buenaventura 8-643-1111 1261 2nd
Auction Unit Judith Arada 8-643-1111 1271 2nd
Revenue Exchange REVEX Mary F. Claudio 8-643-1111 1252 2nd
Treasury Cheque Section Maria Imelda I. Forciuncula 8-643-1111 1241 2nd
Community Tax Certificate Cashier Mary Rose S. Lozendo 8-643-1111 1281 2nd
Miscellaneous Office Ma. Jesusa Natividad 8-643-1111 1292 2nd
License Office Mr. Jose Giovani Quitionqo 8-643-1111 1292 2nd
Ugnayan sa Pasig Ms. Winnie Rayos-Dimanlig 8-643-1111 1211-1213 2nd
Cooperative Development Office (CDO) Ms. Donalita S. Cruz 8-640-9188 1650 6th
Cultural Affairs & Tourism Office (CATO) Mr. Christian N. Allen Echeche 1156 Outside
Pasig Employment & Services Office (PESO) Ms. Jelene L. Sison 8-643-1111 1451 4th
Market Administration Mr. Joseph Vincent Pastor C. Molina 8-641-0434 1154 Outside
Consultant 8-640-1664 Outside
Pasig City Local Economic Development and Investment Office (LEDIO) Atty. Diego Luis S. Santiago 86283767 Outside
Business Permit & License Department (BPLD) Ms. Melanie B. De Mesa 8-643-1111 1223 2nd
Category 2 Ms. Melanie B. De Mesa 1225 2nd
Category 3 Mr. Caesar F. Mendoza 1221 2nd
Category 4 Ms. Lilibeth A. Laracas 1222 2nd
BPLO Annex (Manggahan) Ms. Ma. Magdalena W. Mejia 8-645-6445 2241 Outside
Pasig City Sports Center (PSC) Mr. Ernie Al O. Edralin 8-643-1111 1131 Outside
Rainforest (RAVE) Mr. Patrick C. Plandiano 642-5280 Outside
Consultant Ms. Yolanda B. Bobis
Revolving Tower Mr.Albert B. Villanueva 1153 Outside
City Environmental and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Mr. Allendri B. Angeles 8-643-1111 1471 4th
Solid Waste Mgt. Office (SWMO) Mr. Allendri B. Angeles 8-643-1111 1471 4th
Pasig Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO) Mr. Bryant Meryll Ruiz Q. Wong 8-643-0000 1831 8th
City Building Official's Office (CBOO) Engr. Francis Jerome P. Ronquillo 8-463-1111 1682 6th
City Engineering Office (CEO) Engr. Artaxerxes V. Geronimo 8-643-1111 6th
City Transportation Development and Management Office (CTDMO) Mr. Robert Anthony C. Siy III 8-643-1111 1482 4th
City Health Department (CHD) Dr. Joseph R. Panaligan - OIC 8-642-7754 1511 5th
Drug Testing Dr. Amelito V. Javier 1521 5th
SATOP Dr. Amelito V. Javier 1522 5th
Sanitation Office Dr. Nora T. Dancel 8-643-1111 1531 5th
Laboratory Ms. Myla A. Espino 8-643-1111 1512 5th
Pasig City General Hospital (PCGH)
Medical Director Dr. Paulo A. Castro Jr. 8-643-3333 Outside
Administrator Mr. Horacio C. Apuyan Jr. 8-643-3333 Outside
Pasig City Covid 19 Referral Ms. Nerissa G. Sabarre MD FPCEM 8-643-2222 612 Outside
GAD (Wellness Clinic) Ms. Myra V. Indiafe, MD 8-641-0197 Outside
Pasig City Children's Hospital (PCCH)
Medical Director Dr. Joselito T. Morete 8-643-2222 601 Outside
Administrator Ms. Aionna Salamida 8-643-2222 603 Outside
City Veterinarian (DVS) Dr. Emma Sanchez Outside
Pasig City Institute of Science & Technology (PCIST)
Bambang Ms. Corina V. Bugawan 706-7977 Outside
Sta. Lucia Ms. Jocylyn S. Ferolino 637-9566 Outside
Nagpayong High School (NHS)
Special Children Educational Institution (SCEI/SPED Special Education) Ms. Josephine C. Robledo 8-288-3100 Outside
Barangay Computer Literacy Program (BCLP) Mr. Ernie Al O. Edralin 4th
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig (PLP) Mr. Glicerio M. Maningas 8-642-4100 Outside
Pasig City Science High School (PCSHS) Mr. Charlie O. Fababaer 628-2226 / Fax: 628-2177 Outside
Education Unit (EDUC) Mr. Rechie J. Tugawin 8-244-8139 Outside
Library Ms. Cresnora Germy P. Peralta 8-640-9082 Outside
Pasig City Museum Ms. Ana Katrinah G. San Mateo Outside
Peace and Order Department (POD) Mr. Danilo O.Bantilan 8-641-1918 Outside
Anti-Drug Abuse Council of Pasig (ADCOP) Ms. Zenaida O. Concepcion 8-571-2808 Outside
Tricycle Operation and Regulatory Office (TORO) Mr. Rodel Salvador 8-642-3367 Outside
Traffic and Parking Mgt. Office (TPMO) PLTCOL. Rodrigo M. De Dios (Ret.) 641-1907 Outside
Pasig Social and Welfare Development Office(PSWDO) Ms. Teresa O. Briones RSW MSSW 8-641-1936 Outside
Person with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) Outside
Gender and Development Office (GAD) Atty. Jose Rey Espina 8-642-4223 1155 Outside
Bahay Kalinga Ng Pasigueña Center (BHPC) Ms. Agnes M. Relles 8-641-0824 Outside
Local Youth Development Office (LYDO) Ms. Colleen Gail A. De Guzman 8th
Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) Atty. Jose Rey Espina 8-643-1111 1152 Outside
Youth Development Center (YDC) Ms. Isabelita B. De Leon 643-7632 Outside
Pasig Urban Settlement Office (PUSO) Mr. Ricardo Reyes 7th
City Civil Registry Office (CCRO) Ms. Leriza R. Revilla 8-643-1111 1391 3rd

Socioeconomic Profile


Based on the 2010 Census of Population and Housing, Pasig City ranked fourth in terms of population size among the 16 cities and 1 municipality of Metro Manila with a total population of 669,773. A steadily increasing population growth during the 20-year period has been maintained by the city, from 2.42% between 1990 and 2000 to 2.86% between 2000 and 2010. While the whole metropolis showed a marked slowing down of its growth, the city has been growing more rapidly in contrast due apparently to the pull of migration stirred by increasing economic activities and available housing in the area.

As a whole, Pasig City’s population grew annually at the rate of 2.86% between 2000 and 2010, a rate that almost doubled the 1.5% growth trend experienced during the preceding 5-year period (1995-2000). If the current growth trend would persist, the city’s population would double in the next 24 years, or in year 2034.

Social Services

  • Educational Facilities

    The city has 27 public elementary schools, and 29 private schools offering both pre-school and elementary education. Most private schools offer a mix of pre-school, elementary and high school education. In Pasig City, there are currently 28 private schools of this type located in 18 barangays.

  • Health Facilities

    As of 2011, the city’s health facilities include 2 public hospitals, 11 private hospitals, 41 public health and puericulture centers, 40 barangay health stations, and 1 social hygiene clinic. Overall, the public health facilities have a total of 987 beds, indicating an average ratio of 563 persons per hospital bed. The Pasig City General Hospital provides free hospital care privileges to holders of Blue Cards (senior citizens) and Yellow Cards (indigent residents). Rizal Medical Center (formerly Rizal Provincial Hospital) is a charitable institution that addresses the health problems of medically indigent patients from Rizal Province. This public hospital was established by the national government occupying about 3 hectares of land along Shaw Blvd in Barangay Bagong Ilog. One of the largest public hospitals of Metro Manila, it has a bed capacity of 500 with a wide range of medical services and facilities.

  • Social Welfare Facilities

    The existing social welfare facilities in Pasig City include the following: Day Care Centers, Senior Citizen Center, and Wellness Center. As far as their current physical condition is concerned, all the Day Care Centers in the city have been assessed to be in good condition.

  • Protective Services Facilities

    The City has a total of 8 police precincts scattered in different locations within the City, with a total of 329 personnel, supported with 403 firearms, 70 motorcycles, and 41 radios, which were all assessed to be currently operational and in good condition.

    Fire protection facilities in Pasig City include a main fire station/headquarters and 5 sub-stations with a total of 76 fire protection personnel and 13 fire trucks. The main headquarters is equipped with 8 fire trucks, 1 rescue van, 1 amphibian truck and 1 rubber boat, only 5 of which are currently operational. Each of the sub-stations has one operational fire truck.

The Local Economy

The characterization of the local economic sector of Pasig City given the three economic sectors focuses on the analysis of the number of business establishments from 1994 to 2012.

  • The Primary Sector

    The primary sector is practically non-existent in the City of Pasig. Nevertheless, urban farming of food crops for home consumption is present.

  • The Secondary Sector

    The secondary sector covers economic activities such as manufacturing, construction, mining and quarrying as well as electricity, gas and water generation. The industrial sector of Pasig City is represented by light to heavy manufacturing establishments. From the 22,000 establishments recorded in 2010, around 200 locators were classified as large manufacturing establishments. These establishments were mostly engaged in the production of garments, chemical products, electronics, steel products and food (EMI, 2012).

  • The Tertiary Sector

    The tertiary sector comprises of a broad range of economic activities such as wholesale and retail trade, financial and insurance related activities, transportation and communication, personal and community services, warehousing and storage, real estate, food provision (restaurants and catering services) and accommodation services (hotels, board and lodging houses, apartments, condominium, etc.), as well as tourism services.

    Generally, the economic activities categorized under the tertiary sector are dominated by business establishments engaged in personal and community services. Following in number are business establishments that are involved in wholesale and retail trading including importation and exportation.